Saturday, April 9, 2011


  • Be supposed to = be expected to; be scheduled
The class is supposed to start at 1:15.
Let's go to the movies tonight?
I'm sorry I can't, I'm supposed to study math tonight.

  • Be surprised at = be taken aback by; express surprise at; be astonished. 
I was surprised at the flowers I received when I wake up this morning.
Marina was surprised at her daughter's behavior at the party last night.

  • be used to: be familiar with; be accustomed to
Sarah is used to waking up early in the morning.
You work a lot everyday. Do you fell very tired?
No, I think I'm used to working hard.

Attention:  the expression be used to is followed by a verb with ing.

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Robson Lincoln said...

Como não sei muito inglês, observei mais as figuras. rsrsr
Tá muito bom, como tudo que vc faz. Parabéns. Seu amigão Robson.